Type: Function

How to get configureAsInlineFormatting?


import configureAsInlineFormatting from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsInlineFormatting.js'

These elements apply some kind of typographic formatting to content without suggesting any meaning.

This family provides no default appearance. Choose one or more of the visualization options or add one or more widgets to make them recognizable.

Pressing Enter inside an inline formatting element will split its nearest ancestor block-level family.

As they don’t imply semantic entities, adjacent inline formattings will be automatically merged together. This merging behaviour can be restrained by using the allowMergingWith CvkOption. The merging behaviour also works for ancestor elements with the same selector. The merging behaviour for ancestors can be restrained by using the allowMergingWithAncestor {@link CvkOptions CvkOption}.

Examples of elements that should be configured as inline formatting are the obvious variations of formatted text, like bold, italics, sub- or superscript, or fixed-width text.

The following visualization options are visualized by this family:

  • baseline

  • case

  • endDelimiter

  • fontStack

  • isMonospaced

  • lineThroughStyle

  • overlineStyle

  • slant

  • startDelimiter

  • underlineStyle

  • weight

The following widget areas are available:

  • inlineBefore

  • inlineAfter


  1. sxModule


    Type: SxModule

  2. selector


    Type: XPathTest

  3. markupLabel


    Type: String

  4. options