Type: Function

How to get configureAsInclusion?


import configureAsInclusion from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsInclusion.js'

Configure nodes to include external content via a reference to another node. A single call to this function configures both block and inline visualization of the referencing node. The target node determines the visualization based on where it originally came from.

The included content is not editable and selections can not be made.

As the included content can not be edited we define no keyboard flow inside them.

The family can contain the normal widget areas for the block variant:

  • blockHeaderLeft

  • blockHeaderRight

  • blockBefore

  • blockAfter

  • blockFooter

  • blockOutsideBefore

  • blockOutsideAfter

and for the inline variant:

  • inlineBefore

  • inlineAfter

If you want to contain these widgets in a frame, try using configureAsInclusionInFrame instead.

A clickOperation may be used to execute something on click.

Two examples of when this family is used are DITA conrefs and the XInclude schema.

Please refer to the guide of configure inclusions to learn how to use this family to implement the xinclude element or similar inclusions.


configureAsInclusion(sxModule, selector, markuplabel, {
   functionName: 'resolve-dita-conref-child',
   namespaceUri: ''
}, options);


  1. sxModule


    Type: SxModule

  2. selector


    Type: XPathTest

  3. markupLabel


    Type: String

  4. resolveReferenceFunction


  5. options