Type: Function

How to get configureAsGroupWithLine?


import configureAsGroupWithLine from 'fontoxml-families/src/configureAsGroupWithLine.js'

If pressing Shift+Enter should create a new line, use this family. Pressing Enter will then split the parent element.

Groups are not visible by default. Displaying its children next to each other, without whitelines between them, indicates the group. Use expression: 'compact' to accomplish this.

Use the breakElements option to set the elements which function as break elements. This is an array of nodeNames

The following visualization options are visualized by the group with group with line family:

  • expression

  • textAlign

Set withNewlineBreakToken to true to indicate a newline character should be used to break lines. This will automatically set whitespace to 'preserve'. Alternatively, set breakElements to an array of the qualified names of elements that are used to define boundaries between lines inside this element. Make sure to configure these elements themselves using configureAsBreakElement. Using break elements has no effect on whitespace handling.

The following widget areas are available:

  • blockHeaderLeft

  • blockHeaderRight

  • blockBefore

  • blockAfter

  • blockFooter

  • blockOutsideBefore

  • blockOutsideAfter

This family has a number of additional options which affect how it behaves:

  • defaultTextContainer


  1. sxModule


    Type: SxModule

  2. selector


    Type: XPathTest

  3. markupLabel


    Type: String

  4. options