Configure the WebDAV connector

To enable the WebDAV connector set the configuration key fc__webdav__enabled to true.

Optionally, you can also set a standard server URL for WebDAV. Using this setting does not require your authors to fill in the server URL every time they log in. Set the fc__webdav__url key with the server URL as value. Make sure the server URL is valid and starts with HTTP or HTTPS.

You should now see the Connect using WebDAV button on the sign in page.

Lock expiration

Optionally, set the lock timeout using fc__webdav__lockTimeout. You can use this if you want to change the interval at which locks are refreshed. This allows you to prevent a dead-lock scenario when a user closes his tab or browser unexpected. The locks are automatically released by your CMS after the timeout expires. The value is set in seconds.

Not every CMS supports lock expiration, thus some will keep documents locked indefinitely.




See Connect to your CMS using WebDAV to test the configuration.