Configure the Review content view

This page describes what is expected from partners when configuring the content view in Fonto Review. It describes which widget areas we recommend to hide in the Fonto Review interface. It also describes how you can enable the expand table operation in the Fonto Review interface.

What you need

Requires Fonto Review 7.16 or higher.


Determine the widgets that contain edit operations

Fonto Editor has the capability of adding widgets to the content. Widgets can contain operations that alter the content of the document. Documents loaded in Fonto Review are read-only, and can therefore not be changed. To make the review process smoother for end users, we recommend hiding the widgets that make edits to the document. For example, the element menu button.

We also aim for Fonto Review to be as readable as it can be. This means that we recommend to hide widgets and markup labels that don't contribute to readability.


Disable the widgets that contain edit operations

After you have determined the widgets that should be hidden in Fonto Review, you can now actually hide them. Do this with calls to the configureProperties API. That function allows you to override widgets that were previously configured for the Editor.

The following example hides the blockHeaderLeft and blockOutsideAfter widget areas. These widget areas usually contain the markup label and the element menu button respectively. The example uses the fonto:is-on-review-route XPath function to determine whether you are on the Fonto Review application.

Add the code from the example to your configureSxModule.js.


configureProperties(sxModule, 'self::*[fonto:is-on-review-route()]', {
	blockHeaderLeft: null,
	blockOutsideAfter: null

Add the expand table operation widget

Fonto Review does not show right click context menus. Because of that, the default table menu does not work. Instead, you should configure a widget that contains the operation. Make sure you did not hide this area in step 2.

The following code snippet is an example configuration of a widget to expand a table in the content view. It uses the toggle-table-overflow-expanded operation in combination with a createIconWidget in the blockHeaderRight widget area.


configureProperties(sxModule, 'self::tgroup[fonto:is-on-review-route()]', {
	blockHeaderRight: [
		createIconWidget('expand', {
			clickOperation: 'toggle-table-overflow-expanded'

When you are done configuring the Review interface, reviewers will have a readable optimized interface which should let them focus on the content that they need to review.

Reviewers should also have access to the expand table operation, which allows for easier reviewing of content within the table.