Configure the Microsoft OneDrive connector

To enable Microsoft OneDrive storage, you will need to request a Client ID and Client Secret in the Microsoft Application Registration Portal. The steps below walk you through enabling the Microsoft OneDrive connector.

Request a Microsoft Client ID/Client Secret

  1. Go to Microsoft Application Registration.

  2. Login with your Microsoft account.

  3. Register a new application. Note the Client ID.

  4. Click Generate New Password to generate a Client secret. Note this.

  5. Click Add Platform. Choose Web.

  6. Click Allow Implicit Flow. Add the redirect URL. This is /onedrive/callback.

    The callback URL must be HTTPS, since Fonto Connectors always runs in an HTTPS environment.

  7. Add the User.Read permission to Delegated Permissions if it’s not already there.

  8. Add logo, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

  9. Enable Live SDK support.

  10. Save changes.

Set the configuration keys

  1. Set the configuration key fc__microsoftOneDrive__clientId to the Client ID.

  2. Set the configuration key fc__microsoftOneDrive__clientSecret to the Client secret.

  3. Set the configuration key fc__microsoftOneDrive__enabled to true.


You should now see the Sign in with Microsoft button on the sign in page.



Sign in with Microsoft to test the configuration.