Configure the Google Drive connector

To enable Google Drive storage, you will need to request a Client ID and Client Secret in the Google Developer Console. The steps below walk you through enabling the Google Drive connector.

Request a Google Client ID/Client Secret

  1. Go to Google Developers Console.

  2. Login with your Google account.

  3. Create a new project.

  4. On the dashboard, click ENABLE API.

  5. Search for Google Drive API, select it and click ENABLE.

  6. Do the same for Google+ API.

  7. Click Credentials on the left panel.

  8. Click Create credentials and select OAuth client ID.

  9. Google now shows the warning that you first have to configure the OAuth consent screen. Click to configure the consent screen.

  10. Fill in the required information.

  11. Go back to the Credentials screen and click Create credentials and select OAuth Client ID.

  12. On the Create Client ID page, select Web application. Fill in a Name.

  13. Fill in a redirect uri and an origin. The redirect uri is /google/callback. The origin should be <your domain>.

    The redirect uri and the origin must be HTTPS, since Fonto Connectors always runs in an HTTPS environment.

  14. Take note of the Client ID and Client secret.

  15. Click save.

Set the configuration keys

  1. Set the configuration key fc__googleDrive__clientId to the Client ID.

  2. Set the configuration key fc__googleDrive__clientSecret to the Client secret.

  3. Set the configuration key fc__googleDrive__enabled to true.


You should now see the "Sign in with Google" button on the sign in page.


Sign in with Google to test the configuration.