How to configure the analysis

An analysis file contains the operation(s) that will result in a set of annotations.

These analysis files are XML files that must be stored inside the /Configuration folder.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<analysis xmlns="">

	<!-- An analytic must be configured here -->


If you have an XML Schema editor in your IDE you could configure it with the analysis XML Schema. This will give you validation, documentation and/or autocomplete depending on your IDE.

The schema can be found here:


Compositors are types of analytics that are composed of other analytics. They distinguish themselves from each other based on the way they execute their analytics. Please read more about them in the Compositors section.


Annotators are types of analytics that add suggestions/hints to content in such a way that Fonto Editor can visualize them to the author. Annotators can be used to recognize patterns, definitions, spelling or grammar errors or other kinds of intelligent assistance. Please read more about them in the Annotators section.


Filters are types of analytics that remove certain annotations. They can be used to remove overlapping annotations for example. Please read more about them in the Filters section.