Configure change proposals

This page describes the change proposal feature. This feature includes a button to automatically accept a suggestion in the content.

This feature is also sometimes called change suggestions.

Fonto Review has a specific annotation type called "Change proposals". Change proposals allow users to fill in a suggestion for a change in the annotation card. If you model the data for change proposals as described below, automatic merging of the change proposal can be offered. This feature is only enabled if your data model uses a proposedChange property inside the annotation's metadata. This is used by default in the reference configuration on GitHub.

Fonto Review will provide your annotation card with a callback function that merges the text proposed by aforementioned property into the document. Fonto Review also provides the reviewAnnotation that gets passed into the card annotation card with a proposalState property that indicates what the current proposalState is (e.g. that it cannot be merged because the originating text changed or the proposal would yield a schema invalid situation). The proposalState property will only be set if the annotation is selected.

The default ReviewAnnotationAcceptProposalButton component can be used to have the same behavior as the reference configuration implements.