How to compile a schema into an existing editor

This guide describes how to (re)compile your schema and where to place it in the application structure.

Because Fonto Editor uses a compiled version of your schema any changes you make to your schema require you to recompile.


Create a schema bundle

This can be done by following our guide on creating a schema bundle.

If any new XSD files were added to your schema ensure that these are added correctly to your schema bundle.


Get the Fonto Development Tools

Install or update the Fonto Development Tools and its requirements, and make sure you have placed a valid Fonto developer license on your system.


Compile your schema files

  • Open a command prompt in your editor instance folder.

  • Run the fdt editor schema compile <pathToSchemaBundle> command.

The compiled schema files are placed in the appropriate schema packages. Or in a packages folder when the command is not run in an editor instance folder.