Type: XPathQuery

An XPath query which you can use to style the background color and the borders of a cell. For example if you have a style attribute on your cell node, then you can use this query to translate the properties on that attribute to actual styling on the cell.

Note that cellStylingTranslationQuery does not work together with any of the other border options in the XhtmlTableDefinition. So you need to pay extra attention to a few points:

  • We provide cellNode in the query as the first parameter but you can set the borders correctly

according to the attributes of cell node and/or even table node.

  • When you have cellStylingTranslationQuery, there will be no border around the table. If your

table has surrounding border, you should set borders to the cells on the edge of your table. The second parameter of the cellStylingTranslationQuery is tableEdge and it consists of the information regarding the cell is on top, right, bottom and left edge or not:


map {
    "topEdge": true(),
    "rightEdge": true(),
    "bottomEdge": false(),
    "leftEdge": false(),
  • If you want your newly inserted table to have a default type of border, you need to update your

table insertion operation.

  • When you have cellStylingTranslationQuery, there is no use of the buttons to change borders

in the default table context menu and the fonto-documentation/docs/editor/api/component/TableToolbar.xml and we hide them by default.



declare %public function app:evaluateBorderStyle(
	$style as xs:string?,
	$width as xs:string?,
	$isEdge as xs:boolean,
	$hasTableBorder as xs:boolean
) as map(*) {
	if ((not($style) or ($style = "none" and $isEdge)) and $hasTableBorder)
		then map {
			"width": "1px",
			"style": "ridge"
		else map {
			"width": $width,
			"style": $style

declare %public function app:cellStylingTranslationQuery(
	$cellNode as node(),
	$tableEdges as map(xs:string, xs:boolean)
) as map(*) {
	let $hasTableBorder := number($cellNode/ancestor::table[1]/@border) = 1
	let $styles := app:parseStyleAttribute(string($cellNode/@style))
	return map {
		"borderTop": app:evaluateBorderStyle(
		"borderBottom": app:evaluateBorderStyle(
		"borderLeft": app:evaluateBorderStyle(
		"borderRight": app:evaluateBorderStyle(
		"backgroundColor": if( tokenize($styles("background-color"), ',\s*') => string-join(',') = ("#000000", 'rgb(128,128,128)') )
			then if( $styles("background-color") = "#000000")
				then "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3)" (:~ color compatible with Fonto ~:)
				else "rgba(128, 128, 128, 0.4)") (:~ color compatible with Fonto ~:)

(: For if you use the same attribute as in the example above, here we will also give an example on parsing the style attribute: :)

declare variable  $styleOptions := ('none', 'hidden', 'dotted', 'dashed', 'solid', 'double', 'groove', 'ridge', 'inset', 'outset');

declare %private function app:splitBorderProperty($name as xs:string, $style as xs:string) {
	let $properties := tokenize($style, '\s+')[not(. = '')]
	let $borderStyleValue := $properties[. = $styleOptions][1]
	let $borderWidthValue := $properties[ends-with(., 'px')][1]
	let $borderStyle := if ($borderStyleValue) then map:entry(concat($name, '-style'), $borderStyleValue) else ()
	let $borderWidth := if ($borderWidthValue) then map:entry(concat($name, '-width'), $borderWidthValue) else ()
	return ($borderStyle, $borderWidth)

(: All stylings related to {@link https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/border borders}
will be parsed to a map which its key is border-{top/right/bottom/left}-{style/width} and its
value is the related border value. The stylings other than borders will be parsed as a
key and a value pair directly. :)
declare %public function app:parseStyleAttribute($style as xs:string) as map(*) {
	let $properties := tokenize($style, ';\s*')[not(. = '') and contains(., ":")]
	return map:merge(for $style in reverse($properties) return
		let $key := normalize-space(substring-before($style, ":"))
		let $value := normalize-space(substring-after($style, ":"))
		return if ($key = "border-style")
			then (map:entry("border-top-style", $value),
				map:entry("border-bottom-style", $value),
				map:entry("border-left-style", $value),
				map:entry("border-right-style", $value))
			else if ($key = "border-width")
			then (map:entry("border-top-width", $value),
				map:entry("border-bottom-width", $value),
				map:entry("border-left-width", $value),
				map:entry("border-right-width", $value))
			else if ($key = "border")
			then (app:splitBorderProperty("border-top", $value),
				app:splitBorderProperty("border-bottom", $value),
				app:splitBorderProperty("border-left", $value),
				app:splitBorderProperty("border-right", $value))
			else if ($key = ("border-top", "border-bottom", "border-left", "border-right"))
				then app:splitBorderProperty($key, $value)
				else map:entry($key, $value)


Type: Object