Available connectors

Standard REST API Connector

This connector is based on REST APIs defined by Fonto. The REST APIs are designed to be easily implementable by any CMS/DMS.

The following sequence diagram describes the ordering of the REST calls:

Document history sequence.png

The API contracts are documented in the Fonto REST API documentation.

Using the Fonto-Correlation-Id header

This connector provides a way to correlate requests by appending the Fonto-Correlation-Id header to the request forwarded to Fonto Document History. On subsequent requests back to the CMS, the Fonto-Correlation-Id header is also appended. This mechanism can be used by the CMS to for example perform access control checks.

Using initialFromRevisionId

By default Fonto Document History displays the changes between the current and the current minus one revision. In some cases it is useful to initially display changes between more revisions. In this case the CMS can provide the identifier of the revision from which to start displaying changes via the initialFromRevisionId property.

Using newestRevisionIsPrivateWorkingCopy

By default, changes of all revisions are displayed. If the newest revision is the working copy for the current user, you might not want the changes for this revision to show. The changes of the newest revision will be automatically marked as seen if you set this value to true.