Type: Operation

Inserts a new topicref at the end of the context node

Inserts the new topicref with the following steps:

  • Determines whether the new ref node should be a 'topicref' or a 'mapref'

  • Inserts the new ref node at the end of the context node

  • Sets the cursor in the referenced document and scrolls it into view

This operation can directly be used as insertOperationName for browser modals.

Imported operation data

  1. contextNodeId


    Type: NodeId

    The node in which the topicref will be inserted

  2. documentId


    The document where the topicref will link to

  3. hierarchyNodeId


    The ID of the hierarchy node under which the topicref will be placed. This disambiguates cases where documents appear in the hierarchy multiple times. For operations invoked from the structure view menu, this will be provided automatically.

  4. targetHref


    Type: String

    The value of the href attribute for the new topicref