Known issues

A list of issues in the editor that weren’t solved either due to the complexity or it being scheduled for a future release. This list will be updated for every release and issues will be marked as fixed by release X.X.X to inform you when an upgrade is required.

Find and replace "whole word only" checkbox does not work well with words containing special/accented (non-ascii) characters

For example searching for "thing" matches "àthing", but searching for "thìng" does not match "thìnga" but does match "thìngà".

Find and replace does not always show the results in the correct order

Find and replace now handles everything in actual document order instead of visual order. This affects elements such as footnotes.

The overflow slider in the the masthead has some quirks

The overflow slider sometimes clips the right border of the rightmost button.

The overflow sliders sometimes behaves unexpectedly if a button group can not be entirely contained in the view.

Key-bindings in operations can’t contain a minus (-) key

The editor uses Jwerty to process the key-bindings “-”. An issue was already submitted on Jwerty, but Jwerty is no longer actively maintained.

Unexpected behaviour for inserting inline formatting like bold, italic, etc…hen the schema contains one element with multiple attributes to determine the inline formatting

For example when the selection starts in bold text and ends outside bold text and you try to make the entire selection italic, only the selection that wasn’t bold will now be italic.

Publication preview pop-up is blocked (Fixed in 7.4.0)

The operations open-publication-preview-in-new-tab and download-publication-preview trigger a pop-up blocker everytime they are used and a change in the document is made. The operations will work if they are triggered a second time before another change is made. The user can also disable the pop-up blocker manually.

Inline formatting elements like bold, italic etc… are not always correctly merged when copy pasted (Fixed in 7.4.0)

When inline formatting elements are copy pasted inside text that already has those inline formatting elements, they are nested into each other in the xml, instead of merged with the original formatting.

The selection is not visually preserved when changing tabs in the masthead (Fixed in 7.4.0)

When text is selected and the user switches tabs in the masthead, the selected text no longer looks selected. If for example a formatting button is clicked, like bold, you can see that the selection is wrapped even though you didn’t see the selection anymore.

Inline formatting elements like bold, italic, etc... in a footnote will be affected when the button is used around the anchor of the footnote (Fixed in 7.4.0)

When text is made bold for example inside a footnote, and the bold button is used while the anchor of the footnote is inside the selection, the bold formatting will be removed inside the footnote.

Text copied in the editor and pasted in the editor sometimes loses formatting (Fixed in 7.4.0)

When text with formatting is pasted outside a paragraph element, the text loses the formatting.

Attributes with a namespace that is not declared in the schema, are not validated in the editor (Fixed in 7.4.0)

These attributes with an unknown namespace will just be ignored in the editor and will not let the editor fail.

Unable to use "increase-header-row-count" if a cell in the first row has a rowspan (Fixed in 7.4.0)

The first row in a table can’t be turned into a header row if a cell in the first row is merged with the one below.

A list copied in the editor does not always paste a list (Fixed in 7.4.0)

When a list is not completely selected (with the breadcrumbs) the editor will not paste a list when a copy is made.

Dita cross reference popover can not always resolve references to the root node of the document (Fixed in 7.4.0)

If a reference to the root node of a document is made in the editor, the reference will only contain a cross reference to the document itself, as this is practically the same thing. But when a cross reference to the root node of a document was created outside the editor and then opened in the editor, the cross reference cannot be resolved.

The element menu is partly obscured if it overlaps a frame (Fixed in 7.4.0)