Known issues

Moving cursor while typing will result in misplaced content

Moving the cursor using the mouse while keeping a single character key pressed or while typing will result in misplaced content. Content may end up in the element that was first selected.

Find and replace does not always show its results in the expected order.

Find and replace currently operates in (XML) document order instead of visual order. This affects elements such as footnotes.

Find and replace may not always scroll the result into view when the search is stopped

To always scroll the correct result into view keep the search running, use scoped search if a full search of all documents takes too long.

Using XQuery Update facility in combination with element prefixes may cause elements to be created in a wrong namespace or may cause other namespace-related errors

When using XQUF to create an element in a namespace, the prefix will be used to serialize new elements to JSONML. If the prefix is not registered in the NamespaceManager, this will cause the wrong namespace to be used. To circumvent this, use the namespace prefixes that are registered in the NamespaceManager.

Unexpected behaviour for inserting inline formatting like bold, italic, etc. when a schema contains a single element for multiple types of inline formatting.

For example, when a selection starts within bold text, ends outside that bold text and italic formatting is applied, only the non-bold part of the selected text will be italic.

Deeply nested list items can exceed the sheetframe border

Nested list items can exceed the sheetframe border after a large number of nesting. You can avoid this by limiting the amount of sublists via the configureAsInvalid function. For example by using: configureAsInvalid(sxModule, 'self::ol/count(ancestor::ol) > 6');

Please be aware that you cannot open documents with a larger list nesting than 6 in this case.

When having an XPath function defined in code and using it in an XQuery Module in the same package, the module/namespace/function is not found

This might result in one of the following errors:

  • Error: XQST0051: No modules found with the namespace uri ...
  • Function ... with arity of ... not registered.
    (This error can also be caused by other coding issues)

This is caused by the Editor startup order, which processes the XQuery Modules *.xqm files before the code (per package). In order to work around this issue, move the code to a separate package and add a dependency to the new package it in the existing package.

Adding an image to a figure with an image that already has a Fonto Review comment, expands the comment range

This is caused by the way positions currently work in Fonto. Positions won't get lost, but just get expanded. Workaround is to use the created context modal to see the original image the comment was placed on.

Making a selection when having the display scaled over 100%, the selection shown in the XML View might not match.

Applicable in all supported browsers and all operative systems. This is more common on Windows machines that have a 125% display scale by default.

Using inline formatting at the end of a sentence can cause the trailing '.' to be pushed to the next line

This is caused by the way we currently create cursor positions for the browser. Screenshots below illustrate the issue.

Without the formatting:

With the formatting:

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