How-to Guides

How-to guides are tutorials and informational pieces of content to help with the most common tasks you'll have while developing with the FontoXML Editor SDK.

The tutorials available will grow with time, but if you feel we are missing a crucial tutorial feel free to reach out to us via your contact at FontoXML, or report an issue through our support channel.

  • Configure the editorThis section focuses on how to customize your Fonto editor instance after it is installed using the fdt editor init command.
  • Integrate with a CMSFontoXML requires an external content repository to provide permanent storage of documents. This chapter describes the steps to take to integrate FontoXML in your environment. There are three different ways of integrating FontoXML with a Content Management System or Cloud storage. Each of these approaches enable the integration of FontoXML for different environments and systems.
  • Add new functionalityFontoXML can be extended by adding functionality. The main points to integrate new functionality is by creating modals, sidebars, forms and popovers.
  • Make a build for productionWhen your application is ready to deploy, you should generate a build. This combines and minifies all javascript for the FontoXML platform with your application code into a single .js file, and bundles all assets in a single directory.
  • Upgrade the editorWhen a new version of the FontoXML platform is released a few steps need to be taken to apply this to your editor instance.