Fonto Editor Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of Fonto Editor, the starting point for creating an intuitive web-based XML editor. Learn how to install and configure a Fonto Editor instance, and the various ways to integrate it within your environment.

  • Getting started
  • Basic GuidesQuickstarts are step-by-step guides aimed at getting a FontoXML Editor instance up and running as quick as possible.
  • Advanced GuidesHow-to guides are tutorials and informational pieces of content to help with the most common tasks you'll have while developing with the FontoXML Editor SDK.
  • ConceptsThe concepts section contains in-depth articles about concepts, technology and techniques introduced by the FontoXML Editor SDK.
  • Add-onsIn addition to the platform FontoXML provides a selection of add-ons. These add-ons range from providing additional functionality to UI components made using our FDS component library. Some of our add-ons are open source and allow you to send in pull requests or create forks and make adjustments needed for your specific implementation.
  • APIs & ReferenceThis section contains documentation, and links to documentation, of the various APIs of FontoXML Editor.
  • Best practicesThis section contains a collection of best practices for creating an intuitive, user-friendly editor.
  • Release notesThis section contains the release notes for each version of FontoXML Editor since version 6.0.0. They provide an overview of all new features, resolved issues and improvements for each release. If you are looking to upgrade your editor instance to a specific version, please refer to the 'Upgrade the editor' section.
  • FAQThis section contains frequently asked questions about the capabilities and use of FontoXML Editor.