FontoXML 7.4.2 (November 7, 2018)

Resolved issues

  1. Fixed a bug which prevented using convert-range-to-plain-text on descendants of elements configured as removed.

  2. Fixed a bug in Document History which prevented selected changes from being scrolled into view.
  3. Fixed a bug which prevented any drop operations from executing as a result of dropping structure view items in certain positions.

  4. Fixed a bug which could result in structure view items displaying information for the wrong document after certain drag and drop operations.
  5. Fixed a bug which could cause the dragged structure view item to disappear if it was dropped on its original position.
  6. Fixed a performance regression causing long pauses after operations that affect the structure view if dragging and dropping structure view items is enabled.
  7. Fixed a bug in the attributes editor which caused a dom validation warning for attributes with a required value.