The concepts section contains in-depth articles about concepts, technology and techniques introduced by the FontoXML Editor SDK.

  • Schema experiencesAny XML document must conform to a set of rules: the schema. While we hide as much of the technical implications and complexities from the author – it’s our most important design principle – we can never go as far as to pretend these don’t exist at all. One way or another, our users are authoring XML documents which requires them to adhere to the schema.
  • OperationsInteraction with the state of the FontoXML instance usually occurs through executing operations. Packages can define their own operations by combining operations, transforms and actions defined by the platform or the instance’s own packages. 
  • XPathFonto uses XPath 3.1 to query documents. XPath is a query language used by a lot of XML related standards like XSLT and is defined by W3C. The 3.1 update makes it especially powerful.
  • XQueryFonto is moving to XQuery as its main configuration language. Fonto 7.4 and up contain a preview for XQuery integration, so that we can get feedback early.
  • Iframe communicationThis guide describes how to configure FontoXML to use iframe communication instead of our postMessage API.
  • PerformanceThis guide describes how different of areas can influence the performance of the editor and what you can do to optimize those areas.
  • Application structureFontoXML defines a structure for an application. Fonto requires a number of files to be placed at set locations and advices on the overall structure of your application. Use this guide to consult on the naming and structure of the files and packages of your application.
  • Development serverLocal development on an editor instance is done using FontoXML development tools. This command can be executed from the command prompt/terminal and requires FontoXML development tools and it's requirements to be installed.
  • Fonto Design System (FDS)This guide describes the available APIs for customizing and extending the Fonto User Interface.
  • Fonto Development ToolsCertain commands, like editor, connectors and content-quality, require a valid developer license file on your system and the permissions to run them. 
  • XPath / XQueryThis page and its subpages will slowly replace the existing XPath and XQuery pages. This is work in progress. Expect things to be incomplete.
  • Clipboard
  • Mutation hooks
  • Font Awesome
  • ThemesThis concept page explains how to set the color theme used in the UI throughout the whole Fonto Editor.
  • Embedded modeThis concept page describes how and when to use the embedded mode of Fonto Editor.
  • Whitespace HandlingThis concept page describes how the Fonto Editor handles whitespace characters in XML content.

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