CMS connectors API

This is the documentation for the FontoXML Standard CMS Connector. You can explore all API endpoint contracts here. The APIs are grouped according to concepts. This includes document, browse, assets, heartbeat, references, and document history. Every endpoint can be expanded to see the full specification of that endpoint.

A (C)CMS should implement the following endpoints for use in the FontoXML editor.  You can find more information about integrating FontoXML in the Integrate with a CMS or it's Getting started section.

API documentation for specific implementations is also available, please contact us if you need access.

  • Invocation of the Fonto EditorThis describes how an instance of the Fonto Editor can be opened by the CMS in the correct state, using a document chosen in the CMS, an URL where the CMS endpoints are available, an unique token for the edit session, and some other settings and data.
  • Document saving, loading, locking, and state managementThis describes the endpoints for loading, saving and creating documents, requesting and releasing locks, getting the state of documents periodically, and getting a preview of a document.
  • Browse for documents and assetsThis describes the endpoint for browsing for items in the CMS. This is used for browsing documents, for example for cross-references, for document templates for new documents, and for browsing assets like images.
  • Asset preview and uploadThis describes the endpoints for getting a preview of an asset, for example images, and for uploading new assets to the CMS.
  • Heartbeat signalThis describes the endpoint for keeping sessions alive while an instance of FontoXML is open.
  • References (connectors)This describes the endpoints for retrieving and creating references, and updating metadata for existing references.
  • Document History (BETA)This describes the endpoints for the additional FontoXML Document History app.
  • Content QualityThis describes the endpoints for the optional Content Quality add-on.
  • ReviewThis describes the endpoints for the optional Fonto Review add-on.
  • Spell CheckerThis describes the endpoints for the optional spell checker add-on for Fonto Editor.

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