APIs & Reference

This section contains documentation, and links to documentation, of the various APIs of FontoXML Editor.

  • Editor APIThis page contains links to the Fonto Editor API space where all our APIs are documented.
  • CMS connectors APIThis is the documentation for the FontoXML Standard CMS Connector. You can explore all API endpoint contracts here. The APIs are grouped according to concepts. This includes document, browse, assets, heartbeat, references, and document history. Every endpoint can be expanded to see the full specification of that endpoint.
  • Shortcut keysVarious operations in FontoXML can be activated using only the keyboard. This page lists the pre-configured shortcut keys for common actions provided by the FontoXML platform and add-ons.
  • ErrorsWhen developing an application using FontoXML, you may encounter a number of errors. FontoXML uses these errors to signal a mistake in how FontoXML is configured or in the integration with the CMS. This page lists common errors and provides directions on how to resolve them.

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