Advanced Guides

How-to guides are tutorials and informational pieces of content to help with the most common tasks you'll have while developing with the FontoXML Editor SDK.

The tutorials available will grow with time, but if you feel we are missing a crucial tutorial feel free to reach out to us via your contact at FontoXML, or report an issue through our support channel.

  • Configure a custom table definition
  • Create a metadata sidebarThis recipe covers a very basic metadata form for use in a sidebar. It's mostly meant to serve as an example for an editing roundtrip between an opened XML document and a custom form within a sidebar.
  • Create an image detail modalThis recipe covers a modal which can show an image and additional data. It's mostly meant to serve as an example for displaying an image in a modal while maintaining its aspect ratio.
  • Configure hierarchical multi-document managementThis guide describes how Fonto can work with multiple documents at once.
  • Create a custom mutationThis is a guide on creating and using CustomMutations. These are used to manipulate the XML and should only be used if none of the existing operations can be used.
  • Configure namespacesThis is a guide on how FontoXML APIs can be used to accommodate for the use of namespaces, both in XML and in XPath and XQuery.
  • Configure reference pipelineThis guide describes how references, such as images and hyperlinks, can be configured in both behavior and visualization.
  • Localize the interfaceThis guide describes how to use the localization framework to localize text found throughout the UI of FontoXML.
  • Integrate with a CMSFontoXML requires an external content repository to provide permanent storage of documents. This chapter describes the steps to take to integrate FontoXML in your environment. There are three different ways of integrating FontoXML with a Content Management System or Cloud storage. Each of these approaches enable the integration of FontoXML for different environments and systems.
  • Configure drag & drop in the structure viewThe 7.4.0 release of FontoXML introduces experimental drag and drop support in the structure view (also known as "Outline"). To enable this experiment, ensure that the enable-experiment/drag-and-drop-in-structure-view-sidebar @ fontoxml-structure-view/src/setdefaultconfiguration.js configuration value is set to true.
  • Using scope variablesIt is possible to read scope object parameters and use a custom object parameter throughout FontoXML. This can then be used in whatever way you see fit.
  • Configuring a SheetFrameHeaderThe sheet frame header is especially intended to use in multi-document editors.
  • Configure pasting external images into FontoThis optional feature enables users to copy an image from outside of Fonto (e.g. Word, a browser or image viewing/editing software) and then upload and insert that image into a document by pasting it in Fonto. 
  • Create a numbering for nodes
  • Create a mutation hookThis guide explains how and when to use mutation hooks to react on changes to a document.
  • Enable column width for XHTML tablesThis guide will explain how to enable column widths for XHTML tables.
  • Customize the version info popover
  • Implementing generated texts for cross-referencesThis guide will describe how to generate texts for cross-reference elements

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