Release notes

The FontoXML Document History App is still in preview. All releases listed here are moving parts. There is no guarantee of any kind that the APIs remain stable.

FontoXML Document History App 3.0.0-beta2 (September 26th, 2018)

This is what's new in this release:

  • Update the .NET Core version to include security updates.

FontoXML Document History App 3.0.0-beta1 (June 20th, 2018)

This is our very first version of Document History with open documentation available. You will find a high level overview of the application and an integration guide to help you get started. If you want to get access to Document History, please reach out to us.

This is what's new in this release:

  • We redesigned the revision selector to make it more clear which revisions you're comparing and whose changes you will see
  • Optimised the performance! We now only render the so-called "sheetframes" when a user scrolls them into view.
  • We introduced a preview version of Document Compare. This allows you to compare two arbitrary documents.
  • You are now able to copy from the change log in Document History. This puts the visible content on your clipboard.
  • You can now more easily mark multiple changes as seen by making a selection across changes in in the content.
  • Tons of small improvements under the hood that allow us to develop more cool features in the releases to come.