FontoXML Document History Documentation

The FontoXML Document History App is still in preview. APIs and features may change at any time.

Product overview

The FontoXML Document History App extends the FontoXML Editor to allow authors to gain insights in what has been changed in a document. It allows them to quickly identify when a particular change was made and by who.

The revision history of a document is retrieved from the Content or Document Management System (CMS or DMS). This ensures the revision history is reliable allowing it to function as an audit trail of the changes made to your documents.

The FontoXML Document History App consists of three main components:

  1. The user interface;

  2. The DeltaXML XML Compare;

  3. The Changelog Summarization Service;

The user interface is directly integrated within the FontoXML Editor and does not require any additional setup. The DeltaXML XML Compare and Changelog Summarization services are implemented as server-side components because they require intensive CPU processing.