Going into production

Using Docker

Building a production image

Execute the following command to create a Docker image containing a production build of FontoXML Content Quality App.

fdt content-quality build

After execution, an image named fontoxml/fcq/fcq-instance will be build. This can be verified by executing the following command:

docker images

Pushing the production image to a registry

Docker registry

You will need your own active registry on Docker HubAzure Container Registry or any other Docker registry.

We recommend you to push your Docker image to a private Docker registry.

Use one of the guides below to push the Docker image or use any other Docker registry of your choosing:

If you wan't to push the created image to your own Docker image registry, execute the following Docker commands:

docker tag fontoxml/fcq/fcq-instance ${INSERT_REPOSITORY_AND_IMAGE_NAME_AND_TAG_HERE}

Running the production image

Please read the Docker run reference on how run the image. Most notably the ENV (environment variables) and EXPOSE (incoming ports) section.

Using a self-contained build

You can use fdt content-quality download-self-contained --runtime <runtime> --version <version> to get your self-contained build.

Microsoft has written several guides for hosting a self-contained build on various platforms. You can find these guides here.