FontoXML Content Quality 1.0.0

This is the first release of the FontoXML Content Quality App.


  • The following compositors have been added:
    • Sequential
    • Parallel
  • The following filters have been added:
    • RemoveAnnotations
    • RemoveIntersectingTextAnnotations
    • RemoveTextAnnotationsIntersectingXmlElements
  • The following annotators have been added:
    • HttpApiAnnotator
    • LanguageToolAnnotator
    • RegexAnnotator
  • The following app configuration is made available:
    • The minimal log level
    • The hosting port
    • WebProxy
  • The following editor configuration is made available:
    • Custom annotations can now be registered.
    • Both the sidebar details and context menu can now have operations to solve or improve the content based on an annotation.
    • Fixed sidebar items can now be registered.

Known issues

  • Elements that are configured as a block, inline or otherwise, depending on their location in the DOM could stay unmarked for content quality checks. This could result in not- or incorrectly annotated content.
  • Cannot show details of annotations which are shown in the content due to changes made to the document while the initial check is still in progress.
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