WebDAV Connector Guide

How to connect with a WebDAV server

The following prerequisites need to be met in order to connect to a WebDAV server:

  • An instance of the FontoXML Connectors with WebDAV enabled. To enable WebDAV on your FontoXML Connectors instance, please review the guide.
  • The WebDAV URL of your CMS. If you do not know this URL, pease contact your organizations system administrator or follow this guide.
  • Credentials to login to your CMS.

Completing the following steps enable you to open, edit and save documents directly from your CMS using the standard WebDAV connector.

  1. Navigate to the login page of your FontoXML Connectors page.
  2. Click the Connect using WebDAV button.
  3. Fill in the WebDAV URL, username and password.

  4. Click connect.

You should now see a browse window that allows you to browse through your CMS and open and create documents.