Document processing configuration

FontoXML Connectors performs reference resolving for external and internal references (also known as links). This means that the application loads referenced content like images and topics. FontoXML Connectors is schema-agnostic, which means that it is not aware of schema-specific concepts. Your instance of FontoXML Connectors needs to be configured to get to know the elements in your schema which contain references.

Next to the reference resolving, this configuration part also allows you to configure settings like the way filenames, file extensions and media types are determined. You can also configure FontoXML Connectors to run an XSLT upon opening a document in FontoXML Editor or run an XSLT upon saving a document to the underlying storage provider.

Please follow this guide to get your instance of FontoXML Connectors configured for your schema. For an overview of the settings, please review the table below. For all the options and reference documentation, please review the XML Schema.

If you have a XML Schema editor in your IDE, take some time to configure it with the XML Schema for the document processing configuration. This will give you validation, documentation and/or autocomplete depending on the IDE of choice.

Setting Description Example usage
Document file extension and document media type This setting allows you to configure the application to set a file extension and media type based on a root element of an XML document. You can also set a default value. Use the file extension .ditamap if the root element is map and .dita if the root element is topic and .xml if the root element is anything else.
Document filename This setting allows you to configure the application to set the document filename based on the content of an element in the XML document. You can also set a default value. Use the value of article-title in a JATS document as the document title in your CMS, if that element does not exist, use the title element. Use Untitled Document if none of the elements are present.
Path rewriting This group of settings allow you to mark elements that contain references. Please review the sample for a JATS and DITA configuration.
Processing This group allows you to add pre- and/or post processing steps. Add <xslt filename="myPreProcessingXslt.xslt"/> to the <pre> element under <processing> and add the XSLT file in "processing/pre/myPreProcessingXslt.xslt".