How to get wrap-context-node-in-structure

Depend on fontoxml-base-flow to make this operation available.

Wrap the given childNodeStructure around the node with the given contextNodeId at the specified transclude gap in the stencil

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
contextNodeId NodeId

The id of the node around which the new structure is wrapped.

childNodeStructure StencilJsonML

A stencil describing the structure to wrap the context node in. Should contain a gap named transclude with the multiple property set to true to indicate where the referenced node should appear. The selection gap may be used to set the selection in the new structure.

[model] Object

(Optional) model to be bound to the stencil before wrapping.

[overrideRange] OverrideRange

The range to set the selection in as defined by the stencil instead of the selectionRange

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