Type: Component

A popover used for web references.

Is registered under the name WebReferencePopover.

Use the popover in the family configuration by adding visualization.popoverComponentName and visualization.popoverData.


# Name Type Description
1. data Object

The popoverData that should be provided in the family configuration.



Name Type Description
contextNodeId NodeId

A property that comes from the popover method self, contains the node ID of the node that is configured. Does not need to be added in the popoverData.

[deleteOperationName] String

The operation for removing the reference. Is by default reference-delete.

[editOperationName] Boolean

Only when an editOperationName is used, a edit button is made. The edit operation should provide a way to edit the reference.

[targetIsPermanentId] Boolean

Determines wether the reference contains permanentId's.

targetQuery XPathQuery

Determines the reference content with a xpath query, starting from the context node. Often this is just an attribute, for example @href.


An example on how to use `WebReferencePopover` in the family configuration.

configureAsInlineLink(sxModule, 'self::xref[@format="html"]', 'hyperlink', undefined, {
	emptyElementPlaceholderText: 'type the link text',
		popoverComponentName: 'WebReferencePopover',
		popoverData: {
			editOperationName: 'dita-web-reference-edit',
			targetQuery: '@href'
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