How to get table-insert

Depend on fontoxml-table-flow to make this operation available.

Insert a new table with the given number of rows and columns.

Insert a table with the dimensions set in the operation data. This will insert the table at the cursor position.

If the table should be inserted elsewhere, consider using XQuery.

User facing information

Label Table
Description Insert a table.
Icon table
Keys None

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
[rows=1] Number

The number of rows to create for the new table

[columns=1] Number

The number of columns to create for the new table

childNodeStructure JsonML

A minimal structure representative of the table to insert. This is used to select an appropriate configuration, as defined by a call to one of the configureAs*TableElements functions provided by specific table add-ons. This does not need to be a valid table, but should include at least the root element.

[hasHeader=true] Boolean

Whether the created table has a header (if supported by the table model).

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