How to get open-web-reference-modal-for-edit

Depend on fontoxml-web-references to make this operation available.

Opens the web reference modal for editing a web reference. This modal has its modal title and primary button label already set.

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
modalIcon String

(Optional) The icon to show at the top of the modal. This should be one of the Fontawesome (v4.7.0) icons. Do not include the fa- prefix, just use the icon names as-is from the documentation.

modalPrimaryButtonLabel String

(Optional) The label for the primary button. Defaults to t__Save.

  Default value
modalTitle String

(Optional) The title being shown at the top of the modal. Defaults to t__Edit hyperlink.

  Default value
"t__Edit hyperlink"
url String

(Optional) The url to be edited.

Exported operation data

Name Type Description
url String

The URL as entered by the user.