How to get open-warning-modal

Depend on fontoxml-editor to make this operation available.

A modal that warns the user. This can be used to check if the user really wants to finish the operation.

Is registered under the name WarningModal.

Use this modal in an operation. If the modal is canceled, the operation is canceled as well. If the modal is confirmed, the operation is continued.


    "document-remove": {
        "label": "Remove",
        "description": "Remove the document.",
        "icon": "times",
        "steps": [
                "type": "operation/open-warning-modal",
                "data": {
                    "warningModalBody": "Are you sure you want to remove this document?",
                    "warningModalConfirmButtonLabel": "Remove",
                    "warningModalTitle": "Remove document"

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
warningModalBody String

The text that is shown in the body of the modal

[warningModalCancelButtonLabel] String

The label for the button that will cancel the operation.

[warningModalConfirmButtonLabel] String

The label for the button that will continue the operation.

warningModalTitle String

The text that will be shown in the header of the modal.

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