How to get open-table-column-sizing-popover

Depend on fontoxml-table-flow to make this operation available.

Opens the colum sizing modal. This operation should be wrapped in another operation to set the popoverAnchorNodeId, contextNodeId and hierarchyNodeId. This popover only works for tables which support their column widths to be set. CALS tables are an example of this.

If the context node is set to a table figure (the <table /> element in cals), the first table node ( <tgroup /> in cals) will be used instead.

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
contextNodeId NodeId

The Node ID of the table defining node.

hierarchyNodeId HierarchyNodeId

The Hierarchy Node ID of hierarchy node in which the table resides.

popoverAnchorNodeId NodeId

The Node ID of the anchor node for the popover.

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