How to get open-publication-preview-in-new-tab

Depend on fontoxml-publication-preview to make this operation available.

Open the generated publication preview in a new browser tab

Downloads the preview of the document generated by the CMS. This requires that the CMS implements the document/download route to return a preview of the document in the desired file format. Since this route is also used for the download-publication-preview operation, this operation doesn't set forceDownload in the query string parameter of this request. This should be used as a hook for the CMS to NOT set the 'Content-Disposition' header to 'attachment' in the response of the document/download route.

User facing information

Label Open document preview in new tab
Description None
Icon eye
Keys None

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
[documentId] DocumentId

The Document ID of the document to preview, defaults to the current document

[variant] String

May be specified to create multiple previews in accordance with the CMS. The CMS can create a different preview based on a value in this parameter. Eg: variant=whitepaper and variant=brochure could generate different previews.