How to get MastheadToolbar

import { MastheadToolbar } from 'fds/components';

Type: Component

A layout container which should contain MastheadToolbarButtons components, handling the horizontal spacing. Should be used as a direct child of a MastheadToolbars component.

When the child MastheadToolbarButtons components overflow the horizontal size of the MastheadToolbar component, it will also handle the overflow behavior. This will result in a horizontal slider, allowing the user to navigate between sets of buttons using arrow buttons.


# Name Type Description
1. children ReactNode
2. [flex] Number | String
  Default value
3. [onRef] Function

A callback that is called whenever a component's ref changes.

Use this callback to get a ref to (the domNode of) a component. There shouldn't be many usecases for using this prop yourself, but you might have to implement it with a given argument from a render callback somewhere.

For more information about React and "refs", check the React documentation

# Name Type Description
1. domNode HTMLElement

The domNode on which the component placed its ref callback attribute.


Type: void

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