How to get initialDocumentsManager

import initialDocumentsManager from 'fontoxml-remote-documents/src/initialDocumentsManager.js'

Type: Class

The InitialDocumentsManager provides an interface to load, unload and reload the documents to be shown in the editor. Various implementations of these functions exist that modify the DocumentsHierarchy in different ways. This manager uncouples other code from the specifics of those implementations.

It also provides a notifier to signal when the initial documents have loaded.


Name Type Description
initialDocumentsLoadedNotifier Notifier

Invoked after the initial documents have loaded


Name Description

Set the functions to use for loading, unloading and reloading the documents to be used in the editor.

Note: releases before 7.6 required each function to be passed as a separate argument. This will continue to work for 7.x releases, but is considered deprecated.

# Name Type Description
1. strategy LoadingStrategy