How to get FxSheetFrameHeaderInfoArea

import FxSheetFrameHeaderInfoArea from 'fontoxml-fx/src/FxSheetFrameHeaderInfoArea.jsx'

Type: Component

The area in the middle of the sheet frame header. It stretches to the available width (using flex 1). When embedded mode is true, it no longer stretches (flex = none).


# Name Type Description
1. productContext String

The system name of the product in which the sheet frame (header) is being rendered. Used to alter the look'n'feel of certain parts and/or to disable certain parts in certain contexts. For example, in context of the review product the content is read-only. So the lock widget, save widget and contextual operations are not used there.

Can be one of either:

  • "editor"

  • "review"

  • "history"

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