Project browser library

This add-on exposes the operation/open-project-browser-modal operation for opening a project browser. This browser allows the user to browse the documents currently opened in the editor and select one of the elements present in one of those documents. This, for example, can be used while selecting a target for a link.

Getting started

This add-on can be added to an editor by selecting the checkbox for this add-on in the SDK portal. Then install this add-on as usual.


This browser can be used by adding the following operation step to your operation:

    "type": "operation/open-project-browser-modal"
  • The elements which should be selectable by the user can be set by providing a linkableElementsQuery. This is an XPathQuery.

  • When this modal is used to edit an existing link, the documentId and nodeId properties can be used to set the selection on the original document and element.

  • Use insertOperationName to disable the primary button based on the operation state.

  • The modal icon, title and primary button label can be set with the modalIcon, modalTitle and modalPrimaryButtonLabel respectively.

For more information, see operation/open-project-browser-modal.

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