Type: Function

This function will return true() if and only if both edges of the global selection are in a node, or in a descendant of a node.

Thus, it will return true in the following cases:

   / \
  C   D
 / \
E   F <----- Selection end, in C, just after F
  ^---- Selection start, in C, just before F
Input Result
A true()
B true()
C true()
D false()
E false()
F false()

This function will invalidate itself when the selection is moved to outside or to inside a node. It can also be used to assign different families to an element depending whether it contains the selection or not. Mind performance when doing this.


# Name Type Description
1. node Node

The node to check


if (fonto:selection-in-node($data?contextNode)) then
    "Selection is in node"
    "Selection is not in node"


Type: Boolean

Whether the selection is inside that node

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