Type: String

The category indicates the area of Fonto where an error occurred.

Current supported values are exposed as static as well as instance properties on ErrorManager.

Static properties

Name Type Description

A request to the CMS returned an error.

This could be part of normal operations. Please refer to the CMS connectors API documentation for details.

The CmsErrorData for these errors contains details about the request. If the CMS returned an error, the error object will contain a status property with the HTTP status code that was returned.


Saving one or more documents failed due to an unrecoverable error.

These errors do not currently provide any ErrorData.


Fonto failed to load all of its initial documents (i.e., those passed in the scope parameter).

These errors do not currently provide any ErrorData.


An operation encountered an error during its execution or state computation.

These errors do not currently provide any ErrorData.

UI_FAILED ErrorCategory

A UI component failed to render or update correctly.

This occurs if an error is caught by the editor's root React components. The UiErrorData contains the component stack in which the error occurred.

UNKNOWN ErrorCategory

The origin of the error can not be determined.

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