How to get download-publication-preview

Depend on fontoxml-publication-preview to make this operation available.

Download the generated publication preview for the current or specified document

Downloads the preview of the document generated by the CMS. This requires that the CMS implements the document/download route to return a preview of the document in the desired file format. Since this route is also used for the open-publication-preview-in-new-tab operation, this operation sets forceDownload=true in the query string parameter of this request. This should be used as a hook for the CMS to set the 'Content-Disposition' header to be 'attachment' in the response of the document/download route.

User facing information

Label Download document preview
Description None
Icon eye
Keys None

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
[documentId] DocumentId

The Document ID of the document to preview, defaults to the current document

[variant] String

May be specified to create multiple previews in accordance with the CMS. The CMS can create a different preview based on a value in this parameter. Eg: variant=whitepaper and variant=brochure could generate different previews.