Type: Object

The data object which will be passed to strategies.


# Name Type Description
1. headerRowNodes Array<Node>

The header row nodes or an empty array

2. bodyRowNodes Array<Node>

The body row nodes or an empty array

3. footerRowNodes Array<Node>

The footer row nodes or an empty array

4. allRowNodes Array<Node>

A concatenation of all rows

5. headerContainerNode Node | Null

The header container node or null

6. bodyContainerNode Node | Null

The body container node or null

7. footerContainerNode Node | Null

The footer container node or null

8. columnSpecificationNodes Array<Node>

The column specification nodes or an empty array

9. tableSpecification Object | Null

The table specification or null

10. columnSpecifications Array<Object>

The column specifications or an empty array

11. rowSpecifications Array<Object>

The row specification or an empty array

12. tableNode Node

The table node

13. tableHeight Number

The table height or -1

14. tableWidth Number

The table width or -1

15. headeRowCount Number

The header row count

16. lastHeaderRowIndex Number

The last header row index

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