Type: Object

Options accepted by most CVK families. Note that all options on CvkVisualizationOptions are also valid CvkOptions


Name Type Description
[allowMergingWith] XPathTest

A selector matching nodes with which this node may be merged. This only has effect if the node may be automatically merged by its family configuration, like configureAsInlineFormatting. This may be used to prevent elements with different attributes to be merged. This impacts both normalization and merging with backspace.

[allowMergingWithAncestor] XPathTest

A selector matching nodes inside which this node may be collapsed. This may be used to prevent formatting elements from being nested inside equivalent elements.

contextualOperations Array<ContextualOperation>

Contextual operations which should be configured for the selector

[emptyElementPlaceholderText] String

The text that should be inserted as a placeholder for the configured element

[isAutoremovableIfEmpty] Boolean

Whether this node should automatically be removed if it is empty

[markupLabel] String

The human friendly name of nodes matching the configured selector

[priority] XPathPriority

May be used to override configuration using a less specific selector

[tabNavigationItemSelector] XPathTest

A selector matching nodes which should be navigated to when using the tab key

[titleQuery] XPathQuery

A query resolving to a string title representing this selector

[visualization] CvkVisualizationOptions

Additional visualization options. These options may also be put directly on the options object.