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How to get createOrderingByAttributeWidget

import createOrderingByAttributeWidget from 'fontoxml-families/src/createOrderingByAttributeWidget.js'

Type: Function

This widget is used to display a menu in which the user can select a value. The selectable values are determined by the allItemsQuery and the attributeLocaName options. The currently selected option is determined by the currentItemQuery.

This widget itself is only visible in the form of an icon, set by the option icon. Additionally, the title of the menu can be set with the popoverTitle and the tooltip can be set with the tooltipContent option.


# Name Type Description
1. options Object


Name Type Description
allItemsQuery XPathQuery

An XPathQuery which should return a list of nodes containing the possible values.

attributeLocalName String

The attributes local name in which the possible values are stored.

currentItemQuery XPathQuery

An XPathQuery which should return the node with the current selected value.

icon String

This should be one of the FontAwesome (v5 Pro) icon names with an optional style prefix ('far ' is the default prefix). For more info, see the Font Awesome concept page.

namespaceURI String

The namespace URI of the attribute.

[popoverTitle] String

The title of the popover in which the user can select an option.

[tooltipContent] String

A message which will be displayed in the tooltip.


Type: Widget

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