How to get createInlineHierarchicalNumberingWidget

import createInlineHierarchicalNumberingWidget from 'fontoxml-families/src/createInlineHierarchicalNumberingWidget.js'

Type: Function

This widget is used to display an ascending range of numbers on consecutive inline elements. This can, for example, be used for numbered list-like structures. This widget uses a different numbering style for each level.

Valid numbering styles are:

  • decimal

  • lowerAlpha

  • upperAlpha

  • lowerGreek

  • upperGreek

  • lowerRoman

  • upperRoman

By default, the numbering is rest per document, but the containerSelectorOrNodeSpec option can set a different scope.


# Name Type Description
1. itemSelector XPathTest

An XPathTest returning true for the elements which should be numbered.

2. [options] Object


Name Type Description
containerSelectorOrNodeSpec XPathTest

An XPathTest returning true for elements which define the scope.

  Default value
numberingStyles Array<String>

The numbering styles to use.

  Default value
prefix String

When present, the prefix will be added at in front of the number.

  Default value
suffix String

When present, the suffix will be added at after the number.

  Default value
[tooltipContent] String

A message which will be displayed in the tooltip.


Type: Widget

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