How to get createIconWidget

import createIconWidget from 'fontoxml-families/src/createIconWidget.js'

Type: Function

This widget is used to add an icon with an optional click operation or popover. To use the click operation, supply the operation name in the clickOperation option. Additionally, you can provide initial data for this operation by setting the StepData in the clickOperationInitialData option. To use the popover, supply the popover id in the clickPopoverComponentName option and its data in the popoverData option.

Optionally provide tooltip text on the tooltipContent option.


# Name Type Description
1. iconName String

The icon name to use. This should be one of the FontAwesome (v5 Pro) icon names with an optional style prefix ('far ' is the default prefix). For more info, see the Font Awesome concept page.

2. [options] Object


Name Type Description
[clickOperation] String

The operation to execute on click.

[clickOperationInitialData] StepData

The initial data for the operation.

[clickPopoverComponentName] String

The id of the popover to be opened on click.

[isInline] String

Whether or not to this widget is rendered inline with other text.

[popoverData] Object

The data that should be passed to the popover opened on click

[tooltipContent] String

A message which will be displayed in the tooltip.


Type: Widget

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