How to get convert-range-to-plain-text

Depend on fontoxml-base-flow to make this operation available.

Collapses any inline formatting or inline frame element (partially) contained in the current selection.

This operation collapses any (partially) selected element configured as inline formatting or inline frame. Fully selected elements will be converted completely. Partially selected elements configured as inline formatting will be split at the start and/or end of the selection, this may result in splitting the element(s) in to separate parts. Partially selected elements configured inline frame will be split at the start or end of the selection, but only when that action does not result in splitting the inline frame in two separate parts. This behaviour causes inline frames only to be converted when they are fully selected or when the selection starts outside of the inline frame element and ends in the inline frame element. When the selection is collapsed, this operation tries to extend the selection around any inline formatting or inline frame ancestor. This will only happen when the current selection does not have any sibling inline formatting or inline frame elements. This operation will ignore any other elements.

User facing information

Label Clear markup
Description Remove all markup within the selection.
Icon eraser
Keys None

Imported operation data

Name Type Description
[overrideRange] OverrideRange

The range to operate on instead of the selectionRange

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