How to get Connector


import Connector from 'fontoxml-connector/Connector'


], function (
) {

Type: Class

Base class for implementing custom connectors, to connect Fonto extensions to endpoints on the CMS other than those defined in our CMS contracts.

Import fontoxml-connector/Connector to obtain the constructor, then use it as the base class of your own connector implementation. In your constructor, invoke the Connector base constructor, passing the standardCmsClient.

By convention, custom connectors are implemented in a feature package. An instance of the connector should then be registered with the ConfigurationManager in config/configuration.js. Use a configuration key using the format <prefix>-<purpose>-connector, where prefix is a client-specific string used to avoid collisions, and purpose identifies the connector.

A connector should add methods appropriate for its purpose, usually one per endpoint. It can use this._cmsClient to send requests to the CMS backend.


# Name Type Description
1. cmsClient CmsClient