How to get configureAsStructureViewItem

import configureAsStructureViewItem from 'fontoxml-structure-view/src/configureAsStructureViewItem.js'

Type: Function

Configure an element in the structure view.


# Name Type Description
1. sxModule SxModule
2. selector XPathTest
3. [options] Object


Name Type Description
[clickOperation] String | Null

The operation which should be called when the structure view item is clicked onin the structure view. This operation is called with two parameters: the NodeId of the node as contextNodeId and the HierarchyNodeId of the hierarchy node related to this structure view item as hierarchyNodeId. If the clickOperation is set to null, the structure view item is not clickable.

[icon] String

The icon of this structure view item

isDraggable Boolean

Whether this item is draggable. If it is, the item can be picked up by holding down the left mouse button and initiating a drag by moving the mouse. This allows the user to move the item to another position in the structure.

  Default value
isHiddenFromView Boolean

Whether this item is hidden from view. If it is, its children are rendered in-place. This can be used to 'catch' the standard rendering kicking off from documentElement.

  Default value
[outputClass] String

The output class to set on this structure view item.

[priority] Number

The priority of the config

recurse String

Set to false for a shorthand for recursionQuery="()"

  Default value
[recursionQuery] XPathQuery

The in-dom children of this structure view node, defaults to node(). In the end, Only nodes which have configuration for the structure are rendered.

[titleQuery] XPathQuery

The titleQuery of the given structure view item. This will configure fontoxml-markup-documentation, it is the same as the one in families

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